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Who is Sleeping in the Crypt Tonight?

A scenario idea can begin with just two words. In this case, the two words were: Vampire Superman. That’s a combination far too temping to ignore when it gets into your head, an impossible...

The vampire's bride

Told you the Troglodyte Curly Horns looked good on Vicky :D Here she is, all vamp’d up and nowhere to go.

The Lady of Larksmoor Crag

Never trust an elven vampire lady. Ever. I can’t decide which render I prefer more – the Photoshopped one above, or the unretouched straight-from-DAZ Studio version below. What do you think?

The baggy trousered vampire

This is supposed to be a deeply sensual image that reveals something of the parasitic nature of vampire and victim. But all I can think is “ye Gods those trousers are enormous!” Ah well.

When movie genre crossovers go wrong

The Vampire Brideshead Revisited DAZ Studio, no postwork Just a little silliness caused by a render not quite turning out as planned. Ah well. Win some, lose some.