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And through the arch to safety

or so she thought. Here’s the original from DAZ Studio before I used the magic of Fotosketcher.  

A Temporary Setback

When you’re an elf and your lifespan is measured in thousands of years, what’s a little jail time? Rendered in DAZ Studio, no postwork.  

Neverwinter du Jour: Zanne Silentread

“Why am I in Neverwinter? Because I have nowhere else to be.” Half-Elves are, by nature, a displaced and homeless people. Neither truly elf nor human they are all too often treated as outcasts...

Will work for shoes

It’s tough being a level 1 sword-for-hire.¬†Once you’ve got your sword and armour (ok, barely enough armour, but still) there’s no gp left for such luxuries as footwear. Rendered in DAZ Studio 4,  ...

The name is Elrond. James Elrond.

James Bond as a freakin’ elf. It had to be done. (ok, technically he’d be a Half-Elf for the Tolkien purists out there, but who’s counting?) DAZ Studio, postwork in Photoshop.