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Moving house

We’re in the middle of a house move, along with all the disruption that causes. Add in switching phone lines then moving the broadband over, and Internet connection is likely to be sporadic at...

At the Temple of Fallen Friends

DAZ Studio 4, a smidge of postwork. Used the free (and gorgeous) DM’s Chapel. Not exactly happy with how this came out. But good enough.


Corridors are rubbish. They’re just the bits between the dungeon encounters, the place where brave heroes get back into their marching order and head for the next door in the dungeon. If you’re really...

Psion in Blue Pants

At some point in the future, someone will do a Google Image Search for a Psion wearing blue pants. And I will be ready for them. Oh yes.

A small town in which to kill

I’m looking for a fantasy map of a small town – larger than a village with several intertwined roads, but certainly not city sized. And I’m drawing a blank. I’ve trawled through a hefty...

Spread the Humble Indie Bundle love!

Here’s a quick shout out for the excellent Humble Indie Bundle #3. Pay what you want (minimum $0.01) to get 6 excellent indie games. Pay above the average (it’s currently $4.95-ish) to get the...

Doc Awesome!

DAZ Studio 4. There may have been postwork. Don’t mind me. Just testing out Nadino’s free Mach 1.6 Bodysuit for Michael 4. I likes it.

10 new Doctor Who theories

Let’s have some new Who theories! Here’s a bunch to get the ball of time rolling. River kills Rory It’s all a Ganger War We haven’t seen the last of the TARDIS’ soul, or...