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Behind you.

Some people have no Perception skill whatsoever. Rendered in DAZ Studio, click to enlarge.

Super Special Superhero Lazy Sunday Render Dump

It’s a Superhero Special, folks! Mainly because that’s what I’ve been rendering lately. The Genesis figure (especially with the superb new bodysuit) is terrific to work with. But enough words. On with the pretty...

And she rode out

Very happy with how this one turned out. DAZ Studio + Photoshop. Click to enlarge.

Victoria 5 is Alive

Victoria 5 is the latest figure from the nice folks at DAZ3d, and she is rather bloomin’ great! Unlike previous figures in the Victoria line, she isn’t a stand-alone figure in her own right...

Ten minute Hulk

Click to enlarge. 5 minutes setup in DAZ Studio, 4 minutes to render, 1 minute in Photoshop. Not bad. Not bad at all.  

Will work for shoes

It’s tough being a level 1 sword-for-hire.¬†Once you’ve got your sword and armour (ok, barely enough armour, but still) there’s no gp left for such luxuries as footwear. Rendered in DAZ Studio 4,  ...

I find your lack of nipples disturbing

It’s a clone! Kill it!! This is the new default male texture for the Genesis figure that comes bundled with DAZ Studio. As far as base textures go, it’s great. But seriously, lack of...