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Basic D&D: Day Five

The one thing I didn’t expect from Basic D&D was that it would be filled to the gills with fluff and backstory covering (almost) the entirely of D&D’s history. I thought it would be a...


Basic D&D: Day Four

Yesterday we had Day Three, and that can only mean one thing. It’s Day Four! We are taking a week-long look at the freely downloadable D&D Basic pdf, and we are halfway there. Its...


Basic D&D: Day Three

What do adventurers do when they’re not stabbing things with the pointy end? That’s the question we are going to be answering today as a part of our week-long look into Basic D&D. Generally speaking...

Cora leads the goblins on a merry dance

Basic D&D: Day Two

Let’s jump right in and generate a character! The free Basic D&D pdf provides all the information you need to generate and play a character from 1st to 20th level. We are given four...


Basic D&D: Day One

40 years of history. Two years of extensive play-testing by 175,000 avid gamers. Countless revisions and updates. Finally, it is here. Yes folks, the latest edition of the greatest and most influential role-playing game...


The Lazy Sunday render dump

Some of these may or may not be NSFW, depending on your value judgement about nudity, where you work and societal attitudes to the female form. Deal with it. Otherwise, enjoy! :)

level 1

Character du Jour: Fithy Dishion

All the family gathered around the youngest son outside their coastal manor. His father was the last to come from the house, carrying something wrapped in an old leather cloth. His vast bulk filled...


It’s launch day!

The latest edition of Dungeons & Dragons finally hits both the shelves (officially, at least – some lucky punters received their goodies early) and the internet with the simultaneous launch of the D&D Starter Set...


The four elements of class design in D&D

Fire, water, air and earth. The four primal elements that make up the classical cosmos, the foundation upon which all other forms of matter are built. It’s no accident that the four classes in...