Basic D&D: Day Four

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  1. Symatt says:

    still getting lost in magic.
    the wizard has an attack number yet most spell just have saving throws. who remembers that . player or GM.
    I suffer terrible memory issues.

    • I’ll probably write the to hit number by those few spells with attack rolls on my spell list, or write the save type. The one thing I’m not entirely sold on in 5e is the verbose spell descriptions, though they do give more room for flavour than 4e ones. Spell cards would still work, and a hand of prepared spells with a deck of spells in the spellbook (or at that level for clerics) makes sense.

      • Symatt says:

        we created spell cards for our games but as the druid had all spells in hand and had to keep swapping out which she chose each time it became a pain in the deck

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