Basic D&D: Day One

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4 Responses

  1. Symatt says:

    Well I am excited about this. I sat at my computer on the day of release waiting. Got fed up wait so I made my Son wait for me. Well it’s what he is for after all.

    Anyway I digress, I got it, I downloaded it. Started reading as soon as I could. I had to fit sleep and work in between.

    I am not a grognard, no really I’m not.
    I love this game for what it is. D&D. That’s all that matters.
    Of course I am eager for the books to be released but edition 0.1 sets the stage nicely.
    Even to the point of printing it into a little booklet.

    Going through character generation with you will be nice. Look forward to your week of D&D Basic.

  2. glennzilla says:

    “These days it seems impossible for anything to be released without some self-righteous fool with too much time on their hands…”

    And now I have to explain to my office why I just uttered, “Daymn Straight!” While submitting expense requests.

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