What I think about The Isle of Dread Gazetteer

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  1. zombo says:

    wrt price, if its any consolation at all, it works out to 8.67 USD.

    • blindgeekuk says:

      I was expecting it to be a similar price to the uk one, taking into account the exchange rate, so £3.99 ~ $6.40.

      But like I say, if I log into Lulu and configure my account for the USA store, it tells me that the base printing cost is something like $6.84, so more than the UK full price, and then Lulu leverage a fee on top, and then theres shipping,

      so you’re looking at nearly $12 in the end, which is more than a paizo book, which to me seems crazy and somewhat embarassing

  2. blindgeekuk says:

    Thanks for the review Robin

    X1 The Isle of Dread is a very special product for me, without it, I doubt I would be interested in D&D at all.
    My whole introduction to D&D and the thing that gripped me about it was nagging my brother to be let into his room to play on the Megadrive while him and his mates were exploring the troglodyte caves. The descriptions they gave and the freedom to do anything they wanted, compared to just rolling a blue fast hedgehog down a ramp really got the attention of a 10 year old me, and has hooked me ever since.

    My intention when doing this book was to give the Isle of Dread a modern makeover for 4e, in a similar style to the Neverwinter book. I knew I had to look at the islands history, its locations and its factions, and one thing I loved about the Neverwinter book was the interactions between the factions, From there, I was going to add player options, information about exploring the island, including weather and disease, and some sample encounters. Unfortunately, I wrote incredibly slowly and 4e fell out of favour…
    Not only do I wrote slowly, I only wrote this book during my lunch breaks – I work with computers from 8am to 5pm (and often later), so to get a break from technology, I generally don’t use them at home. It means that almost all of the book was written during breaks in work. Maybe if I had worked at home, the book would have included the things you commented upon!

    The index comment is particularly poignant, as I’m often one of the first on Twitter to point out rpg books (like the SLA Industries softcover form 1993) need a decent index. If I do another revision, I will add one,

    Regarding optional locations, theres a few new locations in Chapter 2, but most of what I did was expand the information presented on the existing location. If I wrote faster and had the budget to get decent maps done, the sample encounters would have featured more indepth and new locations.

    I agree with your comments about Lulu’s quality improving, though as an author via it, I have serious concerns – the £3.99 cost basically covers the print cost for the book, and Lulu’s fees for hosting/seo/financial transactions etc. They then sting you on shipping… The USA cost on the other hand, the base print cost is higher than the final UK cost, so by the time they add their fees, its nearly $9, which I think is too much. I would love to give the PDF away with sales of the book as a thank you, but if its possible via Lulu, I can’t find the option to do so…

    • zombo says:

      have you considered selling the PDF via DTRPG/RPGNow? it might make you a bit more, cutting the printing and shipping costs out of the equation.

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