In which Greywulf says he really likes 13th Age

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  1. richgreen01 says:

    I knew you’d like it! Great review ;)

  2. blindgeekuk says:

    My comments about the session Robin played…

    @Pedr was dm’ing, and outlined the scenario, we’d stumbled into a small village where a mage and a sorcerer were fighting to see who would be the resident magic wielder in the town. They each asked us to find a spiders nest in the nearby forest, collect some eggs and return. though each seemed to have ulterior motives to the quest.

    I took a human sorcerer I built.
    For my one unique thing, I said that my infernal heritage meant that my skin was always on fire – not flames so much, but a smoldering heat that meant by the end of the day my clothes burnt away.
    For my relationships, I initially started with 1 point negative with the diabolist, the icon linked to demons. I changed this to a conflicted, I’m born from demonic heritage, but i’ve turned my back on him, refusing to work for him, or even acknowledge i’m linked to him. I also chose a 2 point positive relationship with the archmage, describing it as having been taken under his wings as a child and taught to be an arcane killer, knowledgeable in the ways of sorcery and magic, and also stealth… In addition, the archmage taught me to harness the natural sparks of electricity in things, to utilize them as offensive and defensive lightning spells, but also how to make little clockwork automatons.
    So my backgrounds were: Arcane Assassin +3, Tinkerer +5, and I got an additional +2 bonus to a magic based background from one of my talents., So Arcane Assassin +5

    Pedr then did some more outlining, and I ended up with a magical necklace from the towns sorcerer, that seemed to collect the fire of my skin, cooling it. Where else do you put such a necklace when you’re always burning up… For blessed relief of crotch burn!

    “We cut a swath through the forest, coming across tons of tiny spiders and covering our selves in the mess of exploration, before entering into a clearing in front of a dark cave entrance, In it’s mouth was a hunting spider, the famed pets of drow war parties, and beyond it the vague outline of something bigger, darker, scarier…

    The hunting spider, on sighting us bursting through the treeline, rose on its front legs, it’s fanged jaw clicking and chittering. The forest behind us responded, with the rustling of leaves as several varieties of spider as big as an ogre’s hand leapt from the tree onto our armour, attempting to drive their fangs in.

    My allies attempt to swipe the small things from their shoulders, hair, shields… But I stood firm, savoring the pain of their fangs piercing my flesh, enjoying the cooling sensation of my blood dripping down my skin, for it made concentrating and chanting the words the Archmage had taught me easier. I lifted my hands, and the smoldering of my skin erupted in a fiery conflagration, incinerating the 3 beasts upon me.

    I patted down the remaining flames, and looked to see where my allies had gone, they’d charged forward, meeting the hunting spider, and Oh Lord, by the Length of the Abyss, what is that thing… A spider, bigger than a horse, nay, bigger than an ogre, had crossed from the cave mouth, trails of webs making its path obvious. It squatted, a revolting churning motion in its abdomen plainly visible to me so far away.

    I considered my options, my tiny licks of flame would barely singe the surface of such a huge beast, and so I paused, letting my mind empty and in my clam and peace, searched the world for the strands of magic that shift and cross the surface, gathering them to me to empower me. And in doing so I felt something inside me ignite, some kind of frenzy.

    My worries about the giant spider were it seems, not unfounded, for with a screech, it opened its maw and a burst of sticky webs shot out, engulfing the paladin and fighter. I screamed at the sight, losing my concentration and crackling lightning shot forth from my outstretched arms, arcing across the clearing to strike the beast fell and true, electricity sheathing it, causing its hairs to raise, before leaping to the hunting spider between it, and then discharging through the thick strands of webbing, the popping noise as the smaller hatchlings ichor bubbled and burst almost sickening. But i’d failed to ground myself in preparation, and I felt the static crawl back into me, the blood from my puncture wounds boiling.

    I could see that the spiders attentions were taking their toll upon my allies, they looked staggered and dazed, but they fought on, using the momentum of the battle, the adrenaline of the fight fueling them to strike again and again, destroying the beasts.”

    So… I took 13 out of 32 hp, used a daily talent and a recharge power (which I didn’t recharge). Thats my resources gone, but I am left with a very nice selection of at-wills. We didn’t get to see backgrounds in play, though there was a cave we could have snuck into.

    The big thing for me, I felt threatened by 3 little spiders, even with 16 ac. despite criting with an empowered spell, I didn’t stagger the big spider which really did worry me. It felt like I would expect a low lever character to feel. I felt like I had enough options to do without falling back to a single I hit it attack, and I felt that if I built the character differently, the character would work totally differently.

    I think we all agreed last night that it has the relationships and one unique thing has the potential to wreck a dm’s campaign plans, but I think it’s a great bridging system between 4e’s tactics and Next’s simplicity/lack of options.

  3. greywulf says:

    Many thanks for adding the write-up, Adam. Good session :)

  4. Bill Olander says:

    With the benefit of time, I find myself most taken with how much of a Fairy Tale setting 13th Age is vs. D&D’s High Fantasy setting. The one unique thing really seems to push for those fairy tale origins. It could also be that I just love the 13th Age setting… perhaps even more than the rule set.

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