So I picked up a Chromebook

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  1. +1 Sword says:

    I use SQL Server at work. At home I just like to surf the web, catch up on news feeds, post a little bit to social networks. In other words, the Chromebook is the computer for me. There are only two things that I am really hurt by.
    1. No Herolab
    2. No free Dosbox

    Of course for me, my Macbook had been dying for nearly a year before my switch so I’d spent all that time prepping. Now I could drop every electronic device I own into a swamp and be back up and running by the time I got back from the store.

  2. Brian says:

    Here’s a great place to waste some time on you chromebook. I don’t know how detailed you get in your RPG campaigns, but I do think it’s nice to include weather. I just found this site that will give you the averages for each day of the year, even down to each hour of the day. And not just temperature, I was able to get cloud cover, precipitation chance & type, humidity, dew point, wind speed & direction for each hour of any day. Very cool tool and a time saver from the usual random charts. I’m working on a Viking-esque campaign, so the link is to Stockholm.

  3. Dan says:

    Hey there. Writing this from my C720 Chromebook. There is a free Dosbox now, search “DOSBox for Google Chrome™” I came across this post while searching for information on fine tuning Dosbox for Chrome oddly enough!

  4. Bill Olander says:

    Dan, have you actually made this work. I found one option that claimed to work but no matter what I did, I couldn’t run my own dos files on it.

  5. Y2kgtp says:

    I believe there is an IM+ app now that will get you connected to skype.

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