Forty years old and still ahead of their time

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  1. callin says:

    The concept of a sandbox setting (a preset world open for exploration) is relatively new in computer games (about 15 years or less) but has been around since the earliest rpg game.

    I was actually thinking about this topic yesterday. Much of modern media is directly driven by the concepts of D&D and rpgs. Books, computer games, film – all find much that is derivative of D&D. Fantasy as a book genre (as split off from the earlier science-fiction label) is a result of D&D.

    Maybe I’m giving D&D too much credit. Instead I should call it a symbiosis between D&D and Tolkien – the two driving forces that together created the media juggernaut that is fantasy.

  2. Wrathamon says:

    D&D, Star Wars, Tolkien, Comic Books … I think all of those things have had a big influence but dont get much credit.

  3. iDungeonCrawl says:

    Interestingly enough, it appears that there is more and more of a push in the TTRPG business towards more symetrical play. To eliminate the fiat ability of the DM, or even to eliminate the DM position all together.

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