Mythological multiverses

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  1. Rich Green says:

    Excellent stuff – love the pot o’stew!

  2. Symatt says:

    your stories and description are great and so true of what should the realms be all about . but what about the RPG reality of the realms. Books we have read and the places already created, do they still come in to what the game is about now.
    should we start all over again with the new the incredible and awe inspiring.
    The Feywild has been created should things now be completely altered. start from scratch so to speak.
    That would be such a hard thing to do.

    I just feel that sticking to what has gone before but with little changes here and there maybe all what it takes

    • Bill says:

      My preferred approach would be what they did in the 3e book. The manual of the Planes was a toolkit for planar travel. They listed a bunch of planes and then gave an example of how you as the DM could connect it into the Great wheel. But they also had a simplified example with a heaven and hell and also a strung along bubble of different worlds side by side.

  3. Bill says:

    Good food for thought. Once the multiverse is mapped out it becomes easy to assume it is common knowledge.

    Randomly, it makes me think of a post I saw a long while ago where they suggested what if you got to the good outer planes by going up into the sky and the evil outer planes by going deep under ground… and I guess the fae realms by going through doors under hills.

  4. Michael says:

    Fun read. I really enjoyed it!

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