Ratlings for D&D Next

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  1. Arbanax says:

    Love this Robin, especially the fluff which fits excellently with the world as we are getting to know it in our DnDNext campaign. Very evocative and I like the more balanced mechanic at the end. Nice one. If anything happens to Kalavan I know who I might be playing next ;-)

    • greywulf says:

      Thanks Dave. You were right to point out they needed something which affects their Charisma and reputation as rats. I think the Scurvy Reputation trait sums it up perfectly. Many thanks for your input!

  2. vobeskhan says:

    Great article Robin. Finally someone for “Arutha” to bully ha ha.
    When you mentioned GW’s Inquisition (oops I meant legal team), you may want to check the term Ratling, as they used it for the halfings in previous editions of 40k (excellent sneaky snipers of the imperial guard). How about rat-kin?

    • greywulf says:

      Ah, the insanity of legalese.

      Ratlings are really halflings, but you can’t call them that, and halflings are really hobbits but we can’t call them that either. Ratlings are skaven but we can’t call them that, and ratlings were probably called ratlings to stop anyone using that term too, even though they’re really halflings by another name.

      They’ll be saving that dwarves can’t have round corners next.

  3. Markis Melarkis says:

    I first heard of ratlings at the blog of holding, and I drew this :) http://instagr.am/p/LcGYcfThs8/

  4. Todd says:

    Yes Ratlings are essential, and useful for when kobolds would be too burly and easy to hit. I made sure Beacon had Ratlings in it and that they had pointy sticks.

    Ratling: HD 1 d4 (3-4 hp), AC 17, pointy stick, knife or bite.

  5. mortellan says:

    Interestingly ratlings are halflings in the grim future of 40k whereas Skaven must’ve been wiped out because I don’t see any fluff on space-rats. Sadly.

  6. mortellan says:

    By the way, thanks for the plug. Others may have looked to this before, but I never considered having a ratman as a PC race. Can’t let GW have all the fun.

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