Crossbow Fight at the Last Chance Tavern

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5 Responses

  1. If you can find it, take a look at a kick ass French flick called The Brotherhood of the Wolf. It’s great anyway, but there’s a scene that shows just how deadly a crossbow can get. I’ve tried a quick youtube search but couldn’t find it (although I am hindered by having a cat sprawled all over me right now), but tryst me, it’s well worth teh effort. it’s actually the inspiration for a blog post all about crossbows that follows on from this one.

  2. vobeskhan says:

    Great article Robin. I think a certain halfling may be acquiring a 3-shot handbow shortly :)

  3. steeplejackuk says:

    Loved this article mate, so want to go shopping now, spend some of my hard won gold ;-)

  4. drow says:

    “Why do you have a bunch of arrows tied to a stick?”
    “Sawed-off shotbow.”

  5. I love the shotbow idea! (And especially the “Swaed off shotbow).

    I love this blog, and I’ve decided to nominate you for the “Super Sweet Blogging Award.” I’m not nescessarily sure it’s legitimate, but I hope it brings you some new viewers and gets the stuff you post on here to a larger audience. Here are the details (sorry about the poetic format):

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