Guest playtest report! The Trail of the Bronze Phoenix, part one

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  1. blindgeekuk says:

    I wish I could comment more about the actions of El’Shaddari, charlatan supreme, convincer of all… but he got struck with a nerf bat and was summoned to the fey wild to answer to his patron why the spells he was hurling about were so radically different to those enveiled by the great god WotC during the celestial conjunction known as Gencon…

    • greywulf says:

      The gods are strange and whimsical beasts indeed. It’s no surprise that mythology is so full of mans’ attempts to tame them. Give it time, my friend.

  2. pedr says:

    Needs more bear slayin’ – Tuor

    ;-) Fab write-up of 2 great sessions. Tuor actually has a reasonably strong personality (despite being dumber than the sack of sand he uses as a sap) but clearly Sanguine was too beautiful for him to resist!

    Thanks to everyone for letting me be the possessed psychotic guy for a session! (Normal Tuor service: merely psychotic resumes shortly!)

    • greywulf says:

      I think Tuor’s personality is coming out really well. We especially saw that in Sunday’s session too. I’ll have the write-up for that posted in the next few days!

  3. breacher18 says:

    Aw what, knocked out! Couldn’t something more exciting of happend to me, like I went off to a Fey gangbang?!

  4. I especially love the name Saguine. Out of Character, how many people figured something was going on by that name alone?

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