Playtest report: The Web of Wyneth Tower, finale

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  1. Arbanax says:

    As a player in the game, it was great how well it worked together. Consider it was all TOTM, given that flock draw wasn’t playing ball, it was also amazing how easy it was to get and keep an idea of where everyone was.

    Rounds did fly by and despite the comic misfortune of my stone cold dice, nonetheless they came through for me when it counted (breaking out of the web cocoon and managing to escape a falling Aranea). There are some issues I have with my character, but these are some rough spots that I hope will soon be worked out. When I started by playing a fighter because everyone said it was boring, its amazing how much has already changed. Moreover so far I think its been a whole lot of fun, just because the game lets me try anything and doesn’t penalise me for doing it. (As a 4e DM I’m looking that way when I say this).

    It was a great session and kudos goes to the ‘wulf’ for running with such a random bunch of Players and a pushing these playtest beta rules as far as he can and still making it all work so well.

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