Playtest 5: The Web of Wyneth Tower, part one

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5 Responses

  1. Great stuff, I enjoyed listening in. If you use the book swarm again I’d recommend swapping slashing resistance for bludgeoning. Everyone knows that Scissors > Paper > Rock ( > Lizard > Spock) :-)

  2. Lowly Minion says:

    Another great report.

    I’m with you on long rest healing — it jumped out at me as excessive, and my idea was very similar to yours: recover half the hit points you have lost, unless you are within 1 Hit Die of your maximum, in which case you fully recover.

  3. steeplejackuk says:

    It was a great evening, so enjoyed it.

  4. vobeskhan says:

    Yet another fantastic session, I was able to interact a lot easier now that sorted my mic issues out. Good old Norry is trying really hard to resist the urge to burn the entire library to the ground, but when that swarm of books attacked his colleague he just couldn’t help it.

    The adapted monsters from older editions worked really well, I really like the way it seems to be easy to incorporate things from previous versions and for them to still feel part of the system.

    The healing machanic hasnt been a major issue for Norry, he doesn’t need armour when there are big strapping warriors to intercede on his behalf.

    Looking forward to the next session.

  5. Kendall says:

    These are amazing to read of – and make me sad that I’ve lost that level of detail in my own DM toolkit over the years.

    Please let me know if you need any more players. :) I have you circled on G+ and would love to join or even just observe!

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