Playtest 4: The one with the exploding baby skeletons

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  1. As the cleric of pelor, i’d blown my 2 spells, and tried out Disappoint Undead in the earlier sessions. Last session, i’d stood back and spammed Radiant Lance against the zombies… This time I was going to try and kick some butt…

    Unintentionally we split the party, mainly because i’d hung back using radiant lance last time. So when the room lit up and I could engage, moving close enough to ineffectually launch a flask of holy water at the skeletons, I put myself in the firing line of the acolyte, with no backup.

    It actually felt really good to be a laser cleric out of my comfort zone and up close in melee. I know I was squishy, but my characters background is that he’s a bit of a messianic figure with a group of helpers who normally step in to protect him, so I tried to roleplay to that. So when the hits started coming (and come they did, quickly knocking me to 3hp), I chose to stay in melee combat due to the shock of another priest daring to hit me.

    The silence spell use by Robin was inspired, and really forced mine and Norry’s hand. He opted to back away and snipe with his magic missile, chipping away with tiny amounts of damage, while I went forward to get in range for radiant lance.I had 5 hp and knew one hit would take me out of action. But to not engage was to remove an average of 8 damage per round from the combat.

    The combat ebb’ed and flowed nicely, with it generally feeling like it was in their favour rather than ours, and their was a LOT of movement from the pc’s and the enemies.

    It wasn’t my favourite session that our playtest group have played, but its up there as one of the most dynamic and tense combats for a character i’ve played in 21 years of roleplaying.

  2. VERY nice! Sounds better than any game I’ve ever had the pleasure to play in.

  3. vobeskhan says:

    Not wishing to fry my allies last session during the zombie fight, I’m glad that Norry kept his Burning Hands spell ready, the sound of skeletal babies popping in the heat of my flames was almost musical.
    Yes I agree the Ray of Frost is a little on the hard side, perhaps if it required the mage to make a ranged magical attack to pin the bad guy down?
    All in all I’m thoroughly enjoying the new rules at present, very reminiscent of my 2e days but with the added compatability to run it in the same style as the 4e I currently play/DM. When they say they want Next to combine the best of all previous editions, I think they’re on the right lines so far.

  4. Crose87420 says:

    One of the fun things about our playtesting of the game is that character actions aren’t, “okay, what do the rules allow me to do,” but more, “Here’s what I want to do, what rule (if any) do we use to make it happen.”

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