I got your D&D Next Monster Manual right here, and so do you

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  1. Awesome post, and good stat block, but don’t forget alignment :) Also, to converse vertical space why not put Init, AC, and HP on one line along top?

  2. steeplejackuk says:

    Brilliant bit of detective work mate. I’m no expert in maths (in fact I really suck at it) so I’m not you’re go to guy for checking this or not, but its interesting to see that monster conversion appears pretty straightforward. Which we all want it to be and from here might lend itself to working out easy tactical powers and abilities, should people want them.

    • greywulf says:

      I’m looking forward to future playtests which reveal more about how they plan to approach monster design. This will do me for now until we know more :)

  3. greywulf says:

    Thanks! I put the alignment in the line underneath the monster’s name (“Neutral Large Natural Humanoid”) for simplicity and compactness.

    You might be right about making the statblock more compact. I feel that some whitespace (or yellowspace, I guess) is important as well in order to make it easy to read during play. I’ll experiment some more.

  4. One suggestion: pick a different color scheme. The yellow is godawful ugly, and it hurts my eyes. I know it works for color-blind people, but not so much for those of use who are not color blind. :)

  5. carldot34 says:

    How cool is that!!!

  6. Brendan says:

    Nice work. I would be relatively happy with stat blocks like this, though it does seem a bit large (in terms of page space taken up).

    My only criticism is the preemptive HP doubling based on size; that should be a discretionary thing for referees that want a “super big” sasquatch (or whatever). Presumably there will be guidelines for conversion to elite or solo monsters. 5 standard hit dice alone should be enough to represent a standard “large” sasquatch, I think.

  7. Johnn Four says:

    Great deductive work! I agree with Mike on the yellow. :)

  8. Connors says:

    Great work.
    I too hope not all Large get auto x2 HPs. But it seems right for what we have so far.

  9. Connors says:

    Not sure what happened there – I couldn’t finish post.

    Just on the HPs, I was wondering how you got to 26? If 4.5 is average for each HD, then isn’t that 22.5, doubled to 45? You state that Con mod is not added at any stage.

    I am not the best at maths, but am I missing something? :)

    BTW thanks for this – will be very helpful for conversions in the meantime.

    • greywulf says:

      4.5 is just an average – it’s a d8 roll per Hit Dice so each HD can be anything from 1-8 points. 26 is well within range.

      Thanks for your comments :)

  10. Connors says:

    Yeah – you are right. I see – you have just selected HPs within ‘range’. Like rolling in the old days :) That is cool (and the new dnd article speaks about d10s being used anyway).

  11. Connors says:

    Just wondering whether you have done something similar for Playtest Pack 2?

    • greywulf says:

      No, but I will certainly revisit this when the Monster stats are a bit more stabilized and formalized. Once we see the monster creation rules, this will be high on my list.

  12. luy says:

    Great post

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