Playtest 3: Pole-Dancing Zombies!

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  1. When I gave up on using Roll20 and just based the map off others webcams, I didn’t have any more technical issues, so i’d hazard that the app inside hangouts is the issue.

    This session was the first where we got to see the guardian themes power in play and its pretty cool. We also had some healing from the moradin cleric, since my pelor one is out of spell slots (and can still do stuff, thank you radiant lance).

    My wife was listening on this session, and liked the fact that you can move up, attack, and potentially still move away, and like you, I think this made the combat a bit more fluid.

  2. Arbanax says:

    Grateful for the info about roll 20, since my group only gets together every other week I’ve been toying with the idea of running a game over G+ myself. Sounds like you had a lot of fun, I think when we next playtest we’ll be using a battlemap. As regards Opportunity attacks, whilst I agree the speed of the game is great, I don’t think taking a basic swing is a great time waster and it does make everyone think more tactically. Reading an action, just means missing out, especially if the trigger doesn’t go off. I realise the round comes around pretty quick, but there is little or no means to defend the soft underbelly of a PC group, maybe that will be shown to be better, but I think give the poor fighter some more defender shiny new feature even if you don’t make it a universal rule.

  3. Quirky DM says:

    My reading of Turn Undead does not make it underpowered. The effect only ends on the undead that are attacked. A party can easily pick off the zombies one at a time like that, and are guaranteed to get the first shot (or many shots) each time. Against zombies, it’s almost an instant win:
    – Cleric Turn Undead
    – Rest of the party deals with non-turned undead. (and with 2 clerics, that may not even be necessary)
    – Party surround undead #1
    – All but fighter ready actions to attack when the fighter attacks
    – entire party nukes zombie
    – move on to the next zombie

    In the narrow corridor, this might not have been key, but in a wide open room, this might be the only way to survive the encounter.

  4. Although my connection kept cutting out it was very quick to sign back in and didnt really slow me too much. Playing the mage I thoroughly enjoyed the session and would have loved to crisp up those pesky zombies with my burning hands but I didnt relish the idea of toasting my erstwhile allies in the process (mainly as they all have bigger muscles and sharper weapons than I do).

    As to the disadvantaged zombies, for just 3 copper pieces a month you can help to keep zombies off the street in our comfortably dismal dungeons where they cn learn a trade (pole dancing) before being released back into the villages to provide entertainment for tavern goers across the realm. Just send your donations to Zomb-aid.

  5. Sayge says:

    With the few play tests I have done online, we have been using openrpg. Its been around for a while and it has always worked for me with several other resources available for it (character tokens, maps, etc from fan sites). Maybe not quite as fancy looking, but it works and predates majority of online interface things like Roll20. When webrpg blundered, most everyone went to openrpg back in the day.

  6. Elton Robb says:

    Pole dancing zombies. — Sounds like you made it to the cultists — almost. Erishkigal strikes again! :)

  7. Carl says:

    The playtests on Wizards go into great depth discussing the crunch about how often the rogue got sneak attacks with advantage or not. symatt is my bro and and it made me laugh to see that after three sessions, he still doesn’t care about whether a rogue is a striker or a lurker or humpty-backed camel; he is playing a character not a playing piece. I’d guess he’s loving both a DM and a rule system that leans towards the ‘Yes, you can’ style rather than ‘No, you cant’.

  8. Carl says:

    Pole-dancing zombies For The Win!!!

  9. Quirky DM has a good point. Also, if you never attack the zombies and instead drive them into a locked room or something and seal them up, for instance, you can simply move on and destroy the source of magic that created the zombies in the first place. As a DM, I think I would rule if the PCs did this, moved on and destroyed the zombies’ creators or the thing that made them, they would automatically cause the zombies to cease to exist.

    I am really enjoying the speediness of battles in the play test as well, and I agree with you that opportunity attacks might as well go away. However, I think there does need to be some sort of drawback to leaving melee; I’m just not sure what. Perhaps disadvantage should simply be applied to that person’s next attack if he or she chooses to leave close combat? This is already what is in place if someone uses magic or a missile weapon while caught in melee, so extending it to apply to anyone who attempts to leave a melee situation might work.

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