Playtest 2: Evil Shrines of Moradin!

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  1. Sounds cool. Tomorrow I’m running my second D&D Next playtest. It’s a hexcrawl sandbox. We’ll see how it’s gonna turn out.

  2. drow says:

    for my group’s second playtest game, our cast of players was slightly different and so i took the DM’s chair instead. and, where the first game had seen the party against the goblins in cave A, i chose to cast them directly into the deep end of the caves of chaos, the dark cultists and undead of cave K. thus, i shamelessly stole your “wedding caravan” hook, with a few localizations.

    that is, after a quick and very brutal encounter against a hungry owlbear which charged out of one of the other tunnels. the party beat it back and killed it in its cave, but at the expense of all the cleric’s healing spells.

    so the party was much more cautious as they entered the dark shrine, and while most of them were waiting in the hall, the rogue scouted ahead into the temple chamber. scouted and then set the curtains on fire before returning. and so the party found themselves beset all at once by the dark priest and three zombies, and all four adepts from room 56. fortunately, two other players joined and Marked in a second cleric and wizard, and thus they narrowly avoided a TPK.


    what is it with rogues and setting things on fire?

    5e/next can be very brutal and unforgiving where appropriate. yay!

    AC 20 is really hard for a 1st level PC to hit. the wizard could’ve helped a lot by using magic missile more often, and not getting maced by the adepts.

    advantage/disadvantage is easier to work with than bonuses and penalties, and also rolling dice is fun.

    the group has been enjoying the 5e/next playtest experience quite a lot more than the AD&D 1e throwback i ran late last year. my take-home from this is that old-school play wins, old-school mechanics and reference tables do not.

  3. “This is how the Duergar started, clearly” – love it :)

    I’m very curious to see how the playtest works out on the battlemat, as that’s my preferred style and I still haven’t gotten my group together to try it out myself (scheduling sessions of our regular game during the summer is tough enough already).

  4. Yaksman says:

    When did Moradin go evil?

  5. Dr. Fish says:

    My group has run 3 sessions on the battlemat, and it works pretty well. We get through 2-3 combats in a 2.5 hour session, with lots of discussion, exploration, and dealing with small children thrown into the mix. We have been trying to quantify what particular elements make it go so much faster.

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