I come not to bury 4e, but to praise it

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  1. Mark says:

    Brilliantly said. I still enjoy 4e, and wish it had taken hold in the community more.

  2. Alton says:

    I have been trying to say this to some people and they do agree. Like you say everyone has their own preferred version. Good article.

  3. Geek Ken says:

    Looking at the newest rendition of Gamma World and how awesome it is, I’m convinced that if 4E came out under some other name other than Dungeons and Dragons folks would have claimed it was the best thing since sliced bread. It’s not perfect. The powers begin to clutter up the table and combats at times can grind to a crawl. But there is so much that it does right, and hopefully a lot of it will be around with DnDNext.

  4. Alphastream says:

    I think a bit more needs to be said. This was the first edition to truly look at the ills of the past and try to address all of them. All of them. Monsters being simple to run for a new DM, even when they used magic. Monsters not being boring while having iconic species aspects. Monsters you couldn’t easily re-use beyond their printed level. Encounter design being too complex. PCs being too vulnerable at low levels. High level play not being core design. Lack of common principles between PC level and monsters/treasure/traps/terrain/etc. Lack of balance between caster and non-caster classes. Lack of interesting class features for non-caster PCs (especially as they leveled). Dependence on a healer (especially cleric). Players feeling forced to have one of them play a cleric. Problems when a cleric wanted to fight instead of heal/Clerics spending standard actions to heal. The list keeps going. It is an impressive list. Not everything was done without fault (PCs are too invulnerable, for example), but the innovations are very impressive.

  5. Yes! I absolutely love the incarnations of the Doctor as the editions of D&D (even if I like 4e a lot more than Sylvester McCoy) – everyone has their favorite, but the truth is I’d rather be playing any edition of D&D than doing something else.

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