What Classic D&D gets right

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  1. Thorynn says:

    My sincere hope for DnDnext is that it returns to the modularity of the original that you write of in this article. I hope they pull it off really well.

  2. Brian says:

    I like the retro-clone of it called Dark Dungeons. It basically IS Rules Cyclopedia D&D but with most of the problems and contradictions filed down.

  3. tpmoney says:

    I have to second he hope that 5e brings back some of the modularity. Greywulf already demonstrated that 6 is 4 is 1, and Zack S has a great couple of posts showing how different rule styles can live together. Someone else (might have been jrients) had a post describing how they ran a game with 5 players each using different rules, and the DM using his own rule set and for the most part it worked out fine. It’s clear with the right modularity, 5e could bring everything together and advance the game at the same time.

  4. jonas susara says:

    Yes, I too love BECMI and the Rules Cyclopedia.

    I was also going to ask what do you think of Dark Dungeons, particularly if it was an improved version of RC?

    Link: http://www.gratisgames.webspace.virginmedia.com/

    • greywulf says:

      Dark Dungeons (and its Darker and Darkest cousins) are terrific systems, especially considering that the D&D rules Cyclopedia itself is no longer legally available either as a PDF or in print. That’s a crying shame, but WoTC’s loss is Gratis Games’ gain :)

      • Brian says:

        Well, not really, since Gratis Games isn’t making Dollar One off it. It’s totally free. Even the print versions are sold at-cost. This is totally a hobby labor-of-love thing for Blacky the Blackball.
        But I agree, they are awesome. I wish I had a group to play them with. I’d probably use Dark Dungeons, but with the Druid and Mountebank classes from Darker Dungeons.

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