What Pathfinder gets right, part one

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  1. Sayge says:

    That was sort of done in part a few times before, for example Spelljammer, to connect several gaming worlds together. You will find that players still like their part of their world better then others, to the point they ignore or pretend that other part does not exist.

    Yet, oddly, despite the game system (not the best in my opinion but sometimes well liked as being persistent and not having varies editions for years), there is a game that is popular for one of those reasons, being able to connect different game worlds together, and creative game worlds at that. What game is that? RIFTS. It does the one concept you spoke of at the end of the article right. If one looks at the palladium games not from a rule mechanic view and view it for its concepts and ideas for settings you find it quite an amazing place.

    If we look at what games does it right, it is something to consider.

  2. Elton says:


    What Paizo did right is the Adventure Paths. That’s their biggest sellers. What WotC got wrong is game rules. We got a lot of crunch and no fluff. And worse, a GSL. And we aren’t having an honest debate about how the OGL benefited WotC, and abandoning it gave WotC big trouble. It’s a shouting match.

    I tried to use the Car approach, the poster turned it around on me. So I used WotC’s dream world approach on him. A perfect Monopoly of Roleplaying Games. I’m trying to instill in him that competition is good for WotC.

  3. Jonathan says:

    … I admit, I LOVE Golarion. And the Pathfinder Adventuree Paths are very well written – our DM has adapted the Kingmaker path for our 4E group and it’s very fun. I think he’s had to rebuild the encounters from scratch … But the result, for us, is the best of both worlds.

  4. Philo Pharynx says:

    @Elton, It’s not so simple. Competition is both good and bad for WotC. I agree with you that the GSL went too far. But there are many OGL systems that use the work of WotC without returning anything to them. And while the OGL was good for the industry as a whole, it also killed many independent game systems because the publishers jumped on the d20 bandwagon. I don’t think WotC is foolish enough to keep the GSL, but I think they won’t be as permissive as the OGL.

    • Bill says:

      WotC doesn’t have to do anything with the OGL anymore. Pathfinder, FATE, Mutants and Masterminds, ICONS, Spycraft… at this point I think the OGL is better off if WotC keeps its hands off of it anyway.

  5. JourneymanGM says:

    The multiple settings on each continent totally reminds me of Torg. They had cavemen in America, the Cyberpapacy in France, Pharaohs and Indiana Jones in Egypt, and mechas in Japan. And the laws of reality changed depending on which area you were in.

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