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7 Responses

  1. DanSanto says:

    Maybe it’s just my monitor, but that is WAY too dark for me to see anything. I tend to have that issue with a lot of your images, but this one was pretty extreme.

    • greywulf says:

      This one is pretty dark but looks just fine on my laptop screen set to medium brightness, but thanks for the heads up. Anyone else having problems?

      • The Bane says:

        Yep, same problem here. Can make out the general shape and the face comes through better than the rest, but still VERY dark.


  2. greywulf says:

    Many thanks for the feedback. I’ve uploaded a brighter version. Is this better?

  3. Elton says:

    That’s one alien woman I’ll avoid.

  4. drow says:

    sweet mother of dagon… back to the too-dark-to-give-me-nightmares version, please.

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