Have a free Points of Light campaign setting map

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  1. Daring! As I’m finding that the hex maps I use for two of my campaigns (Wilderness of High Fantasy Sea of Five Wunds map and Wildlands in Points of Light) don’t inspire the true gonzo in me I’m starting to think that maybe my campaign would be better off without a “finished” map. I’ve been trying to fix this by simply adding a tin of random stuff to the map as the party travels through the land. Effectively the published map has a bit more detail than your map, but all of it makes about 10% of what the players encounter. That’s how much stuff got added later.

  2. Jason Dawson says:

    OK– I gotta admit I laughed out loud at the picture. And I happen to agree with your post– up to a point. I have been GMing long enough to know that for MY personal style, trying to run a game like that would drive me into analysis paralysis. My brain requires more stuff to riff off of than just those pieces. I can see how that could work for some– I am just not one of them.

  3. drow says:

    “This is how a Points of Light setting should be”… IN SPACE.

  4. In some ways, I think Skyrim handles the points of light idea really well, the whole idea of isolated farms and mines, surrounded by wilderness and bandit camps. And the majority of these are just out of eyeshot of each other and often a journey off the beaten track. What disappointed me about this is the lack of wilderness encounters with bandits and animals, sure, you get them, but they aren’t really lethal (unless you encounter a giant or mammoth)

  5. DM Glen says:

    Well, as much as I hate the term Point of Light (sounds too George Bush to me) you make a great point, one that seems obvious but that needs to be said. As a Basic D&D and 2E DM I learned long ago the value of not mapping a whole lot of area for the players. The wonder of discovery is something not only every player but every DM needs to cultivate. And it needs to be told periodically, not only for new folks coming into the game but for Old Farts like me who forget. Some anvils need to be dropped.

    -DM Glen

  6. Elton says:

    So, Greywulf, are you going to buy a copy of D&D 5e when it comes out next year? :)

  7. NoMovingParts says:

    Exactly! I had a campaign some years ago where no maps were available. The players were mostly old school (as far as Arduin), and, when we started I just told them, “The next town is 3 days north.”
    “What if we take horses?”
    “3 days.”
    “3 days.”
    “3 days. Guys – I don’t know where the town is until you get there. THEN I’ll put it on the map.”
    This satisfied all.

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