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  1. EverKang says:

    I picked these up the second day they were out in PDF. Great stuff! I just wish my gaming group would go for a BRP-based game like this. :(

  2. Greywulf says:

    @symatt Legend – check my last blogpost http://t.co/4YZk8v3r

  3. NeoDodge says:

    I was waiting for this one to come out, picked it the second I saw it was out. The 1$ price tag helped a lot of course (especially since I pay in €).

  4. Coreworlder says:

    I’ve been avoiding Legend, and I don’t think even a very cheap price tag is going to encourage me to give it a shot.

    My experience of MRQII (which Legend is the next iteration of) gave the impression of making an effort to make the right parts of combat interesting but being far too twiddley about it.

    Rather then spend time looking at yet another system, I’m planning to focus my attention on Fantasy Craft (for most Fantasy related gaming) while dipping into D&D 4e when I want a more boardgamey experience and FATE for heavily story/character driven games.

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