Victoria 5 is Alive

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3 Responses

  1. Elton says:

    I have to wait to get a copy. :)

  2. Stratakat says:

    seriously??? all my V4 Clothing, and V4 hair will work with her? Make up etc???


    • greywulf says:

      Yes, clothing for Victoria 4 (and Michael 4 and Kids 4 too!) will auto-fit to Victoria 5, or any other Genesis figure. If your V4 hair is a Figure, this will auto-fit too. Hair that is a Hair prop (ie, loads from the Hair tab rather than the Figure tab) will not auto-fit, but I have had no problems tweaking them to fit.

      Victoria 5 (and any other Genesis morph) will also take V4 skin textures, as well as any made for Kids 4 or Michael 4 if you switch the geometry in the Shader tab. What won’t work are morphs designed for Victoria 4, but even those can be converted using Generation X.

      That’s the beauty of the Genesis figure. Your existing content is fully usable regardless of the original figure it was created for; you don’t need to start all over again with a whole new wardrobe. Pretty good, eh?

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