DC Adventures Heroes and Villains, volume 1

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  1. Pun says:

    I can’t wait to have a hard copy of this.

    From what I’ve read, JonL has said that the deal with DC is still for four books only. However, Killowog and some of the alien lanterns could appear in the DC Adventures: Universe book.

  2. RisusMonkey says:

    Great review. Alas, my book still seems to be stuck in Amazon hell. I wonder when it will finally appear on my doorstep.

  3. I totally loved the DC Adventures book and Mutants & Masterminds is an excellent quick paced system. The artwork on this line of books alone is reason to buy. Your point about perhaps a few sidebar suggestions would go along way. Personally I feel those sort of things give us an insight into the designer’s mind. Great Review. Thanks.

  4. Chris says:

    I think the reasoning for duplicating characters is so that this book could be used equally by DCA and M&M people. I could be talking out of my ass, I do that often.

  5. Darktouch says:

    I really do like the the Flashpoint universe and would love to see someone run a game in it. DCnU will be interesting as well when that kicks in from what I heard the writeups in this book are generic enough that the changes shouldn’t contradict too much of what’s in the DCnU.

    But the real question is, what stat changes would be necessary for the Flashpoint Superman and Joker ;-)

  6. Siskoid says:

    It’s an awesome looking book, and it surprised me with its number of write-ups, often folded into main entries. It’s the closest we’ll come to a post-90s Who’s Who (a promise DC didn’t make good on last year).

    You’re right, of course. Flashpoint doesn’t mean these stats are useless. It means you can now take DC characters in any direction you want. I’d personnally ignore Flashpoint and continue the post-Crisis universe to whatever continuining adventures/conclusions come to mind or develop in play. There’s no continuity to contradict anymore, so no reason to sticking to the status quo.

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