Tonight’s the night! Last minute River Song predictions

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  1. Lex says:

    Everyone sees the answer, but you miss it. What did you see, what did you miss?
    Think it out.

    1) The night Amy met The Doctor, and she waited in the yard, she heard a TARDIS landing, but it was not Matt Smith’s Doctor.

    2) Amy gave The Doctor an apple with a smiley face on it that her ‘mother’ carved, though she said she didn’t have a mother or a dad, only an aunt.

    3) The house Amy lives in only has 2 floors, but on the second floor is a stairway to nowhere that The Doctor never notices.

    4) Why did Prisoner Zero never leave Amy’s house. He stayed there for at least 12 years while she grew up, totally ‘silent’.

    5) What was so strange about the duck pond in Leadworth? Besides there never being any ducks there, why did The Doctor even question it’s existence?

    6) In ‘Victory of the Daleks’ Amy had no memory of the Dalek’s moving Earth, and as The Doctor said, she should have remembered it. Amy’s Ganger?

    7) In ‘The Lodger’, a proto-TARDIS was on the roof of the building, creating ripples in time that prevented the TARDIS from landing. Who created it? Why did the Silents have an identical control room in their underground lair? Why was the writing in the controls in Old High Gallifreyan????

    8) Who convinced ALL of THE Doctor’s enemies to join forces to create the Pandorica and trap him inside?

    9) In ‘Stolen Earth’ and ‘Journey’s End’ Davros creates a ‘Reality bomb’ that will erase all of reality. This causes the stars to go out, and would leave only the Dalek Crucible. Where did he get the knowledge of such a device? Who gave him the technology to manipulate celestial bodies with ease. This is not something that the Daleks were able to do before. Yet The Doctor said that ‘someone tried to move the Earth before, a long time ago’. The Doctor said that it could not be the same group, since the beings who moved Earth before were The Time Lords.

    So, who is the ‘Great man’ that river will kill? – Omega?

    Who is the little girl who can regenrate, and knows it? – River?

    Who really carved the smiley faces on the apples? – ????

    Answers to these and many more questions coming tonight!

  2. steve woters says:

    The Daleks tried to move the Earth before in one of the ‘Movies’, when they had the mineshaft in Surrey – Dalek Invasion of Earth

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