Interesting characters and the sliding scale

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  1. Rafael says:

    Hello there! Nice to meet this website.
    I think you did a nice job getting across a point that happens to be one of the reasons I’m happy about 4e in general. The flexibility of the system is quite big really, and there are plenty of ways to build characters like the “classic hybrids”, staples of fantasy like the classic elf and such.
    Only remark, you didn’t quite take into account the problem of MAD, which afflicts these characters in 4e too, even if not as much as in 3e.
    A Wizard-Ranger would be rather suboptimal, especially defenses-wise, due to Intelligence and Dexterity being all tied to AC and Reflex, practically guaranteeing low Fort and Will. Plus, Wisdom rider in Ranger powers are going to be very low for this character.
    Maybe you could have also talked about reflavoring: taking Druid, Cleric, Invoker, or Shaman powers/multiclassing and reflavoring them as more classic spells would have maintained the Dex+Wis combo.
    Anyway, thinking better about it, in the special case of the archer ranger, I don’t see anything too bad about having a secondary-primary stat other than Wis.
    Well, enough with the CharOp-ing :)
    I’ll be lurking in the hereabouts!

    • greywulf says:

      Thanks for the kind words.

      I’m not a fan of optimised characters as a rule. When I GM my mantra is that Optimised Characters tend to get hit by Optimised Monsters. My players have learned that one the hard way :)

      Give me an interesting character over an optimised one every time. With an Archery Ranger/Wizard you’re front-loading the INT/DEX pair with WIS secondary. I’d be inclined to aim for DEX 18 with INT 13 (for Feats and future development) and WIS around 14. Get STR 12 if you can, if only to add a little more punch to any melee attacks. Getting the stats to match the concept is a large part of the challenge of generating interesting characters, I find.

      And you’re right – reflavouring opens up a whole ‘nuther set of options. Maybe I’ll save that one for another blogpost.

      Thanks again!

  2. Josh says:

    Well said. My problem with this is my gamer ADHD. I’ll run a character for a few sessions and want to play something different. It isn’t that I dislike the character I had… it’s that I like SO MANY different options and I want to play ALL of them.

    Luckily, I’m usually the DM, so I get to play whatever, whenever.

  3. Michael says:

    Hi, I agree with greywulf and Josh. I DM just because I would get bored quickly playing one character for a long time (I still haven’t finished the Neverwinter Nights computer RPG after all these years because I keep starting over with a new PC). And I have maybe 15-20 pen and paper RPG’s that I buy for myself just to make characters, to never be played by anyone. Also, to greywulf, I came to your site originally for your DAZ Studio tutorials, and never thanked you for those yet, so thanks! The RPG stuff is delicious icing on the cake.

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