Creature Catalogue, revisited

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  1. Adrian says:

    I vaguely remember the Creature Catalogue, good stuff! And for some reason, mention of it sparked my memory about the Creature Crucible series, specifically Top Ballista and The Sea People. I always wanted to run an undersea campaign using that gazetteer map.

  2. David says: I posted about the same book not so long ago… it really is such a great book… though I have the DMR2 version that came out a little later.

  3. Ivellius says:

    The Soul Eater actually shows up in 3.5 in Magic of Incarnum. Where it feeds off essentia/soul energy.

  1. May 11, 2011

    […] read a post today from Greywulf’s Lair revisiting the Creature Catalog. I too have fond memories of this book, and he referenced one of my all time favorites, the […]

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