Batman Irregulars versus Vampire Superman, part four

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  1. ‘Please… save me…’ ?

    You lost me there. Obviously your Heroes heard wrong.

    Dumb as he is, Supes is all about the nobleness of spirit. And knowing how big a threat he is as a vampire, he’d beg for a slightly more possible death sentence than an ill-fated rescue attempt.

    • greywulf says:

      Oh I dunno. Superman isn’t above asking for help, and he always has hope.

      A Vampire Batman, on the other hand……

    • Jonathan says:

      Vampire Batman would nobly beg for death. Vampire Superman would want to be rescued (assuming that he knew there was a chance). UNLESS he was talking to Batman, ironically. Then, he would beg for death, but Batman would find a way to rescue him anyway. Because Batman is just that cool.

      And to be fair, when Superman decided to become a journalist (back in, what, the 30s? 40s? 50s? Anywho), being a journalist kind of WAS a respected profession (upholding truth and all that, at least in the public perception). Maybe in the DC Universe, they still are. (I’d also argue that print media is still less sensational than Network News, but hey, that’s just my perception).

      It’s at least as reasonable as Matt Murdock becoming a lawyer in pursuit of “justice…” Though the whole “Daredevil” thing as an outlet for how much he KNOWS the system is broken is the only part of that that makes it work. At least as a journalist, you have instant access to the news as it happens; he was smart enough to know that it would help him be a better Superman.

      I used to favor Batman over Superman, but these days I genuinely have no preference. They’re both awesome.

      • greywulf says:

        Excellent observation about Vampire Batman & Superman. I think you’re spot on.

        Agreed. Journalism was indeed a more respected profession back in Superman’s early days. I regret that the changing climate hasn’t really been addressed in the comics. It would have been fun to see how Clark Kent dealt with political bias and sensationalism in the industry rather than still being stuck in a 1930s style timewarp.

        There’s so much about Superman that shows he’s not the brightest fish in the barrel – his walk across America (where did that come from?), locating his Fortress of Solitude in the one place on Earth that gets less sunlight per year than any other, having an apartment in Metropolis without a skylight (real clever for someone who flies, Supes)…. the list goes on.

        In comparison, Power Girl (a character I much prefer to Superman, and not for the usual reasons folks usually like Power Girl) is science and business clever (but not smart enough to keep from losing her company while busy superheroing), knows the value of a good unpowered team of humans behind her, doesn’t lie to the people close to her, and is more likely to use her powers tactically rather than flying in with her fists straight away (though she will happily do that, in style, if that’s the best solution).

        I would argue that in the Super Family, Power Girl got the brains, while Superman missed out entirely.

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