Using as a game planner

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  1. Eric Samuels says:

    This looks really neat. Not sure how well it will work for mobile users, as I tried to view it in my Eris Android and it didn’t entirely work. The corkboard background loaded, but no post-its or menu. Probably would work in a better mobile browser (iPad?). Thanks for sharing this.

    • Neil Ford says:

      I tried it on the iPad and whilst it loads, it’s expecting a bigger screen, so some of the info is cut off and there is no way to scroll around. Bit of a shame, but still a very cool idea.

      – Neil.

  2. Risus Monkey says:

    That is all kinds of awesome. Thanks for posting

  3. I’ve created one also. It can be found here ( What do you think?

  4. The Bane says:

    I want push-pins instead of sticky-notes! Push-pins that can have hover notes attached… and… and…

    This thing is awesome!


  5. Elton says:

    I believe that this would be useful, Robin. Thanks for posting it.

  1. March 11, 2011

    […] other day, Greywulf posted about Corkboard, and using it as a gaming tool. Basically, it opens a unique url for you, […]

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