Review: The M&M GM’s Kit

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  1. Ron says:

    I like my crunchy bits, but when it comes to character creation as a player and GM, I despise point-based systems. I’ve played and run M&M 1e & 2e in short stints because that’s all I could stand. I had decided that I was going to only play rules-lite supers games (ICONS!), but this GM’s Kit has swayed my opinion greatly. I bought it last week and LOVE it!

  2. Ekkaia says:

    You sir -when it comes to M&M- never cease to amaze me. I mean… I love the system, but your <> is out of this world… and that’s good, it’s a good system.

    I can say I like my toast crunchy and I do detailed writeups for my chars (the ones with some sort of future at least). For “villains of occasion” I don’t go full throttle, I usually just sketch stats based on the Party’s PL +/- a threat factor (something REALLY hard to grasp but comes with experience and almost total party kills)… but this new RCG looks fun, you just sold me the GM kit.

  3. Darktouch says:

    Pinnacle (The Savage Worlds guys) used to have a very nice customizable GM screen. I used it with M&M 2E to just slide in. Not sure if they still have it though.

    I’m really liking everything I’ve heard about the ‘random’ roller for 3e. Not that I feel there needs to be a random version but I’ve been asking for a while for a little bit of column a, b, and c version of character creation as an alternative to point buy. Looks like a good point for expansion too. Archetype 21 and its associated die rolls could make for a great product.

  4. EverKang says:

    As to their rationale for including a character generator with the screen, I’ve gathered from podcast interviews with GR staff that 1) customers were showing a lot of interest in a random chargen tool on the Atomic Think Tank and 2) they were interested in including something with the GM screen beyond the standard adventure insert that people might typically not even play, i.e., they wanted to include something of lasting value. The results have been rather more positive than they expected. :)

    • greywulf says:

      I missed that podcast, and that explains a lot. I’m certainly pleased that they didn’t go down the yet-another-adventure route and included this little gem instead.

      I rather suspect that the next edition of M&M will include something like this right in the core book as one of the chargen options. Hope so, anyway.

  5. Cool, thanks so much for blogging on this. Sounds really fun and useful!

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