On Strongholds

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  1. Kensan_Oni says:

    I am the type of player/Dm that doesn’t really like Strongholds unless I started out planning on a specific local being the key point behind a campaign. I think that Might and Magic VII (For Blood and Honor) handled the Stronghold campaign very well for a computer game, and if I was to model a stronghold campaign, that would be the model that I use.

    That said, I am very for the Mobile Home Base setup. Airship, Frigate, Floating Tower, Spelljammer, whatever. I like home bases that act as stages to adventure, and am more then generous with the size and abilities of that platform as rarely will the adventure center around the platform itself, but where the platform ends up.

    Of course, I always preferred Sinbad to Alladin, so your millage will vary, naturally.

  2. Dave says:

    Cool. This is definitely something that was missing from this version of D&D. I find it kind of humorous that the stronghold takes up a specific number of squares, as size certainly isn’t the only thing that determines how much a building costs. I don’t have an Insider account, so I can’t read the article: do they have rules for adding useful features to the stronghold, such as traps or an alchemy lab?

    I was reading the rules for Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Ed. the other day, and I really liked their “Headquarters” (a.k.a. stronghold) rules. Have you read it? I can post some details if you’re interested.

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