Huge news: Adamant’s New “App-Pricing” Model

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  1. Over the weekend I filled out my Mars RPG collection and started buying Imperial Age T20. Eight pdfs for $8. great deal. I’m going to target Icons next..

    And let me point out one of my favorite urban fantasy games from GMS, Underworld. Its a bit old, but a fun rules light game in the Neverwhere vein.

  2. Darktouch says:

    The moment the sale kicked in, I went and bought all of the ICONS Adventures from them that i’d been saving for when I got some extra money. I expect to continue for as long as they have good things to buy.

  3. Tourq says:

    I just read on Fictitious Entry that the prices went up to $1.99. Apparently, Paypal needs to get paid, too. Still a good price, of course.

    However, I think an “across the board” price can irk a few gamers. “You mean I can buy this core book for $2, and I still have to pay $2 for this tiny supplement?” – Not this gamer, but at least a few.

    • greywulf says:

      Yeah. Sad to see that PayPal is the stumbling block for $1 pricing, but there you go. $1.99 is still an amazing price though.

      When it comes to everything being the same price point, I guess it comes down to expectation of quality. If you’ve bought the rule system for $1.99 and it’s great, you’ll buy the 16 page supplement from the same author, partly as a thank you but also because you know you’re going to get something good. That’s the theory, anyhow :)

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