4e divided by 2

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  1. Very interesting way of looking at the tiers. It would be real neat to figure out how character advancement would look like for the next 30… er, 15 levels. Also yes, 4e could very much use dominion rules. I’m hoping the next dmg will have something. maybe level 16(32?) would introduce stronghold building to the game?

  2. callin says:

    I’ve seen it the other way with leveling taking a very long time. Part of this is that we only play every other 2 weeks and only for about 3 hours. I suppose it all comes down to group play style.

    One question I would ask is, how long do you want a 1-30 campaign to last? I believe someone from Critical Hits just finished a 1-30 campaign that took a couple of years in real time. Slowing things down could drag out a campaign.

    I have run into the same problem of the characters outleveling the adventures I have designed. Part of this is my own fault for not factoring in the speed of level increase. However, I have taken to using the Monster Builder to simply bump up the monsters levels so they match the character’s level. Thus far it has worked out well.

  3. Oz says:

    Maybe I’m lucky because I’ve had the same cadre of players for a long time, but if I tell them a given campaign will be xp lean so that level/power gain doesn’t outstrip the story, they are fine with it.

    One of the down-sides of level based systems is that advancement is lumpy. I’ve been running a bastardized skill-centric version of Microlite that I’m pretty happy with, as the advancement is more granular. The trade off there is that it’s not as easy to suss out the challenges for a given party, something that 4e makes very easy.

  4. Elton says:

    Of course I had a great christmas! Saying that World of Warcraft is like D&D is a no-brainer. It is like D&D. Although 4e and World of Warcraft are too close in concept that no DM can tell the two apart in execution.

    That’s why I’m hoping that wizards of the coast doesn’t get the 4e go ahead from Blizzard, and Blizzard doesn’t consider any other companies. The whole point of the WoW RPG was to deviate from the MMORPG in interesting and fun ways. Says so in the introduction. :)

    Running 4e in WoW isn’t going to be a whole lot different than doing a Dungeon Raid in WoW. You have four roles in WoW dungeon raiding, just like you have four roles in 4e.

    The WoW RPG is best ran with 2e, 1e, Pathfinder, or 3.5 e, or even OD&D (BECMI). Running it with 4e, you’d have a better experience just playing it the regular way. At least that’s the theory.

    I don’t want to test it out.

  5. pdunwin says:

    Wow, I sure don’t have this problem. My live group plays quite infrequently, less than once a month for about four or five hours, and my play-by-post games are by their nature very slow. The live group has gained one level in about a year, and the pbp group is about a third of the way after six months.

    I’m okay with this. I like having a some time to get used to the PC capabilities. Still, I have been tempted to double XP and treasure acquisition in my pbp game. Such games often die out before anyone levels, so speeding things up might tend to hold interest more.

    You might consider doing away with XP altogether. More and more people just level the PCs when it seems right to everyone and the story.

  6. Kensan_Oni says:

    My thought is that given the way players tend to play, bump the tables by dropping the 2nd level experience needed to first level, add in a extra one for 30th, if you are going to play that long, and run that way, without giving out more experience. That should slow everything down by a reasonable amount, and I think would be a good baseline. Of course, this ends up even slower then just doubling, but given how often people run EL+ Encounters anyway, I doubt it’ll be noticed that much.

  7. Jenny Snyder says:

    Funnily enough, my players do complain about the rate of advancement. Mostly the wizard, who was excited last session about using his new daily power at least once before everyone leveled. Then again, every time he complains, the rest of the party tells him to STFU, so I guess it’s just a problem with wizarding, and not so much leveling.

  8. uhf says:

    Who’s got time for castles when you advance that fast?

    Funnily enough… my players are in a more old school game that I’ve adapted from d20. And Bam… they are on second level going on 3.

    Anyways… Its not quite clear who’s perception was fixed here. Is the DM no longer upset? Or are the players a lot happier?

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