Traveller RPG Week Day Seven: Patron Encounters

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  1. pdunwin says:

    Well, those all sound like interesting hooks, and I like the idea of the PCs causing their own complications. This format could really be used for any system.

    But I’m afraid it’s easier said than done. I want to run Traveller (because if I don’t no one around here is likely to) but I feel like I need to see it run first.

  2. tmoney says:

    Should have asked this 5 days ago, but I just got done reading the rules.

    It appears that both the “other” prior service as a result of having both no ranks or commission and no extra skill benefits (like the +1 skill per term that the scouts get) and limited mustering benefits really get the short end of the stick when it comes to skill development.

    Since it does’t appear there is a mechanic for learning skills as you go along (or maybe I missed it) why would you ever choose to enlist in the “other” service.

    Or is this one of those places where in coming up with a background story, you work out with the GM 2 or 3 additional skills that work for your character?

    • greywulf says:

      You’re right – the “Other” Service doesn’t get as many Skill or Mustering Out Benefits as any other Service. The get two Skills for their first term of service plus an additional one for each term after that, and one roll on the Mustering-Out Tables per term – and that’s it.

      The advantage to balance that is they have a very good chance of getting the Gambling skill multiple times as well as Forgery (which, if I recall, no other Service can get).

      I’ve known Traveller characters who have taken the Other Service and ended up with Cr400,000 in their back pockets thanks to having Gambling-3 :D

      Other is a great choice if you want to play a criminal or spying type, but you’re not going to have as many professional skills as any other Service.

      That doesn’t matter in Traveller though where characters with 1 Term of training can work alongside highly experienced old professionals.

      Character generation in Classic Traveller is non-existent. If a character can take four years to master Pilot-1, that’s likely to be longer than many campaigns :)

      • tmoney says:

        Gotcha. As long as you’re answering questions, do you mind answering a few more? In the skills rules it mentions that when you take say Gun Combat-1 you need to specify a particular sub catagory (like Auto-Pistols) which you can in future gain either take again (improving your auto pistol) or take a different sub category (like rifles). Later in the combat section, it mentions that skills are +1 modifiers for weapons. I’m I correct in taking this to mean that +1 only applies to the specifically trained weapon and that Gun Combat by itself does not impart any bonuses to every gun you might use?

        Also, are the Special Assignments, Awards and Qualified equipment sections from the provided character sheet supposed to be filled in by back story fluff or something specific from the rules?

        • greywulf says:

          That’s right, on both counts.

          Gun Combat, Blade, etc are catch-all headings for many different skills. When a character gets “Gun Combat” they choose the specific skill. If they get Gun Combat again they can choose another skill, or improve their existing one.

          It’s worth checking Page 12 of Book 1 (if you’re using the Starter Kit edition of Classic Traveller). It says a character’s skill with any other weapon (ie, one they’re not specifically trained in) defaults to their trained skill level, minus 1.

          For example, if your character has Auto-Pistol-2 he can use any other gun as if he was skill level 1 with it.

          Hope that makes sense!

          Special Assignments, Awards and Qualified equipment are pure fluff stuff for the character sheet. Some published adventures award PCs with Medals and all sorts of other goodies :)

          • tmoney says:

            Awesome. Can I get one last question out of you? In the charts, there are two sets of DMs associated with weapons, On page 3 (pdf 5) of the tables book, there are weapons listed and a +DM column and a -DM column, what in the heck do these apply to?

            Then on page 4 (pdf 6) there’s a required and advantageous DM which I assume mean the minimum stat required to use the weapon at all, and the associated DM and then the “optimal” stat for used and the assiciated DM. I presume these DMs are applied to the To-Hit roll?

            Looking at it again, are the DM markings on page 3 applicable to damage? That is, on an Auto Pistol, rolling a damage of 10+ gives some positive DM to something, and rolling a 6- gives a negative? If so, how much DM and to what?

            Ok, I lied, one last question. Do you have a good resource for getting these questions answered online somewhere? I’m asking so many here because all the online resources I’ve been able to find in regards to classic traveller appear to be out of date and unmaintained.

  3. Neil Ford says:

    Just wanted to say “Thank You” for a great series of articles reminding me of the great times had playing and refing Traveller.

    Definitely got the itch to generate characters and build a sub sector or two again.

    – Neil.

  4. BeRKA says:

    I liked the patrons. Traveller is based on adventure, and I am always looking for new adventure hooks.

    I hope you will write something for the The Zhodani Base 76 Patrons Writing Contest – 2012, that starts in July.

  5. Neil Macdonald says:

    Greywulf, thanks for the series, 4 years old but still a good read!

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