Traveller RPG Week Day Four: Worlds

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  1. Illpress_Don says:

    I have to say that I am comletely intrigued with your postings of Traveller. I have never been much of a science fiction role-player, having given Gamma World and Star Frontiers a go in the 80’s, with out much fervor. I tend to lean toward the fantasy end of the spectrum, but feel myself oddly drawn to this system. I have since downloaded the free Classic Traveller Starter Kit and am asking myself where will I find the time…

  2. bonemaster says:

    @Illpress Don – Yes, I think Traveller is slightly addictive. I think that’s why it’s had so many editions and conversions. I dare say there is or was a conversion for most major rule systems. I think the huge draw was that even with the Imperium as a setting. The area that players can explore is so huge that every GM has ability to provide whatever types of adventures he wants without contradicting others. In all my years of playing the LBBs, the only thing was slightly annoying was the general lack of real advancement of any type.

  3. tmoney says:

    So, if I’m following everything so far, does this mean that even with the most powerful engine (which from what you’ve said appears to be 6 parsecs in a jump) it would take 2 weeks travel time just to from (long wise) one end to the other of one of these subsectors? And with the ship you developed yesterday, it would take 5 weeks?

    • greywulf says:

      In theory yes, provided they could refuel without needing to stop at any starports on the way and could plot a route that let them maximise their jump distance each time.

      That’s pretty much how the X-Boat routes work – these are purpose-built Jump-4 ships which stop only to drop off messages, collect new ones, refuel and move onto the next station on their route. Not each jump is Jump-4, but they still manage to cross an impressive amount of space in the shortest time possible.

      • tmoney says:

        So for an X-Boat to make the trip from one end of the Imperium to the other (say from the bottom of that appendage on the left to the bottom of the main area) we’re looking at about 40 weeks to send a message, assuming straight line travel and minimum refuel times? Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said wars could be fought and won before anyone knew what happened.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out!

    My main problem with (Mongoose) Traveller was that all my GM muscles are trained on Fantasy. I had trouble coming up with adventures I liked. Apparently my players liked it, but I felt unsatisfied. We later switched the rules to Diaspora (FATE), but that did not help me personally. When I had played enough FATE, I was again confronted with the emptiness of Science Fiction adventures. And so we ended our campaign in the Kaylash subsector…

    • greywulf says:

      Yeah. Coming up with decent scifi scenarios is hard, and you can only go so far in Traveller by letting the players explore and trade all on their own.

      Hmmmm. I feel another blogpost coming on……

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