Traveller RPG Week Day Three: Starships

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  1. bonemaster says:

    Not a big thing but don’t you need at least a model 1/bis for jump-2?

    • greywulf says:

      No, but you need to unload all other programs for the Jump-2 program to fit. It’s a tight squeeze – they’ll need to Generate the jump route then unload the app to fire up the Jump sequence.

      Doubtless the Nagivator will be cursing that darned antiquated computer all the time :)

      EDIT: Hmmmm. They do need the Nagivation program online at the same time as Jump-2 though, and that won’t fit in. My bad, good catch. I’ll fix that in a later post.

  2. bonemaster says:

    Now worries, although I think according to the LBB under The Bridge section there is a comment that the Model number indicates the highest jump that computer can support. Then further down there is a comment about the bis computers being able to support one jump higher than their model number. Of course, I like the idea of just basing it off of programs that can actually run at once.

    Of course all of that is based of the mainframes that were available 1977 when it was first written. Which in 2010 seems completely silly.

    • greywulf says:

      Yeah. I usually just go by capacity too. It’s easier that way :)

      I like the quirky retroness of the Computer rules in Traveller. As you say, they’re borne out of a much earlier vision of how powerful computers worked. I’ve yet to see a system (house rules or otherwise) that brings them up to date in a way that works though.

  3. Shinobicow says:

    This discussion is awesome. I am still having trouble getting passed character creation. i will be posting a ton of new character stories soon, but now this post makes me want to get the rest of the way through the rules. I really want to play some Traveler now.

  4. Elton says:

    Where is an engineer with a Scott accent when you need one?

  5. Chicagowiz says:

    Following these very cool posts. Traveller was my first catalog/mail order purchase and I had to get the 3 LBBs recently – I also have the Starter Kit PDF. Lots of fond memories!

    Did you create the pic or find it?

    I always pictured Traveller ships looking like Soyuz or Apollos or Space Shuttles… then Alien, BSG and Space 1999 ruined that for me. LOL

    • greywulf says:

      Thanks, Chgo’!

      I created the render of the Minneapolis myself using DAZ Studio. Not entirely happy with how it turned out, but I’ll file this one under “good enough”.

  6. pdunwin says:

    Interesting. Nothing in the Mongoose rules I’ve read indicated that the UPP was meant as in-game knowledge, though I did wonder why they bothered giving it a name and putting it in hexadecimal.

    The same way I can’t tell how much a character needs in order to get by, I don’t know how to tell how much a ship needs (or how much ship a party needs) to get by. How did you decide that it needed Jump-2?

    I’d heard that the computers in Traveller were quaint. I don’t know if the Mongoose rules are different, but I think that is a bit downplayed in those rules. What “Model/1” implies in real-world terms is not discussed, and I’m happy to believe that a program that runs the calculations for a Jump is more than any computer today could handle.

    I’ll admit that after the nifty character generation (and the random planet, animal, and tradegood rules) the self-assembly of spaceships left me a bit disappointed. Still, there are always stock ships you can use, and a table (at least in Mongoose) that lets you roll for quirks a ship might have that lower its price but offer potential complications.

    • greywulf says:

      I wanted a craft that would act a transport ship for Hell Station that could ferry staff members who are beginning or ending their months-long shift. It would also be used to collect other personnel, visiting mega-corporation officials, Naval inspectors, etc in relative comfort.

      As this is set in a remote part of space, there aren’t likely to be many systems withing Jump-1 distance so building it with Jump2 capable engines gives it more potential destinations.

      I didn’t want a huge ship – this is only a Transport Shuttle after all, so building it as a 200 ton ship felt about right.

      What I like about the Classic Traveller ship generation rules are that they scale surprisingly well. It’s possible to put together anything from a 10 ton Fighter (if you ignore the 20 ton Bridge requirement!) to a 100,000 ton behemoth destroyer. That’s not bad going for a set of charts spread across 2 pages of a booklet :)

  7. David says:

    I find it interesting how the system seems to strongly encourage you to use the standard designs by making unique designs significantly more expensive.

  8. Dr. Stu says:

    Why Minneapolis?

    Have you been watching footage of our stadium’s roof collapsing?

    • greywulf says:

      I think the stadium roof collapse must have been at the back of my mind when thinking of a name, yep.

      We have named Starships after US States before in our Traveller games. I like the idea of them being named after “mythical” places from Earth’s past. It’s like us calling ships Troy, Eden, Atlantis, etc.

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