Traveller RPG Week Day One: What is Traveller?

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  1. Shinobicow says:

    I picked up the rules last week. They are really quite awesome. Had my first go around at character generation today and died twice to it. I’m doing a series on the game starting on my blog next week as well, but probably just about all the characters that I make that die in the making :)

    • greywulf says:

      Excellent! Character generation is Traveller really is a great mini-game all of its own, isn’t it?

      I’ll be sure to watch out for your posts :)

    • John says:

      If you want more Traveller careers to play with, get Supplement 4: Citizen of the Imperium ($2 on RPGNow). It adds 12 careers (many civilian) to Classic Traveller and rules for bows. The second half of the book consists of pre-generated characters that were of questionable utility when they were published and are all but useless in to today’s world of ubiquitous computers.

  2. Cyberwere says:

    Like you I have a long history with Traveller. Mostly an unrequited love. I very seldom get to play the game. I’ll be following along avidly and will have to check out Shinobicow’s post. Enjoyed your first post.

    Captain, ISS Dancing Bear. Take us 100 diameters out and jump to the next star.

  3. Darktouch says:

    I’ve always hear about the Character creation but beyond looking at a friend’s conversion of 2e D&D Psionics to Traveller, have never given it much though. I’ll be interested to read the rest of this series.

    Funny how one’s first experience influences the rest of your career. I actually started with FASERIP Marvel, took a break, and then got back into RPGs with a Vampire LARP. I quickly came to the conclusion that Vampiric Potence was for grabbing your opponent by the ankles and bashing their head agaisnt a dumpster.

  4. Tourq says:

    Traveller is one of those games that I knew nothing about, but always wanted to try. Unfortunately (fortunately?) we’re transforming our new Eberron campaign to Fate rules, so Traveller will happen no time soon.

  5. pdunwin says:

    I got the Mongoose rules 2 years ago. I’ve made some characters with friends, but never as a larger group, and I’ve never played. I hope to soon.

    I remember seeing ads for Traveller in Dragon magazine, but I shied away from it based on rumors that you could die during character generation. It wasn’t until I heard Whartson Hall start a Traveller game on rpgmp3 that I began to understand what it was about.

    Also, good luck to the folks converting Eberron to FATE. I’ve wanted to use the Spirit of the Century rules for that (another game with nifty char gen that I own but have yet to play).

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