Traveller RPG Week Preview: Welcome to Hell Station




It’s been a while since we had a fully fledged RPG Week here at Greywulf Towers, and Traveller is next on the list, folks! The Classic Traveller Starter Kit (misnamed – it’s feature complete) is free once again until the end of the year so there is no better time to take a look at arguably the greatest science-fiction role-playing game of all time.

We’re going to begin with an overview of Traveller itself, look at  the brilliant Character Generation and all of the other Generation subsystems (subsectors, worlds, animals, encounters and spaceships, oh my)  then create a complete mini-campaign centred around Hell Station and its nearest (within Jump-2) planets.

Can it be done in just one week? Hell yes!


And they call you crazy.

Watch this space!

(space. geddit?)

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4 Responses

  1. pdunwin says:

    Excellent. I have the Mongoose core rules, but never really played. I hope to live vicariously through these articles.

  2. cooperflood says:

    Look who just got an early Christmas present, courtesy of the wulf and rpgnow.

  3. daDiceGuy says:

    That pic looks a lot like the Endeavour from the Micronauts comic. Not that I am complaining.

  4. epocalypse says:

    Played them all from getting the Starter Traveller box back in 83 to Mongoose Traveller now. Still my all time favourite game setting no matter which set of rules.

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