Maybe there’s method in Wizards’ madness after all

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  1. Zero_Armada says:

    It’d be great if this was what WotC knew would happen all along.

  2. Ron says:

    If they were thinking ahead, and add to this that the VT will be web-based too, then you may be able to play D&D through Xbox Live. That would make ME happy, at least :).

  3. Selganor says:

    I also heard that Silverlight is the basis of the new Windows 7 Phone OS.

  4. Icosahedron says:

    I didn’t notice a sideways mention of Silverlight on the iPad. Must have missed it.

    • greywulf says:

      Microsoft announced that the next version of Silverlight will have “IIS Media Services 4.0 for smoother streaming to WP7 and iPad” – implying that Silverlight will make it onto the iPad.

      Maybe :)

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