Character du Jour: Molly Underroot

“I…… am a purple person. People. I am a purple people.” — Molly Underroot

Ah, Molly. Dear sweet charming drunken Molly. Those who know her generally agree that she is a disaster that has already happened, and is still happening. Her first foray into the dungeon delving business came when she (in her words) “fell down a hole” and resurfaced two days later still tipsy and clutching a solid gold jewellery box. Quite how she got it, or what happened down there no one knows – least of all Molly.

Despite (or perhaps because of) her apparent ineptitude, Molly is a surprisingly effective delver. She somehow manages to lean just where the secret door happens to be, and has opened trapped chests by sneezing into the locking mechanism. Her combat style has been likened to the Drunken Monkey martial art style, only without the monkey. While holding only a half full bottle of Dwarven Elfkiller Vintage Port and a rusty dagger has been known to eliminate an entire roomful of Goblins single handed. Without even realizing it.

Dirty little secret: Molly drinks to forget. Forget what? No idea. She’s forgotten.

Notes: Bridget Jones, dungeon delver. Need I say more?


Here is Molly’s character sheet (pdf), all ready to play at 1st level.

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6 Responses

  1. Elton says:

    She better watch out, or the purple people eater might find her tasty.

  2. Dr. Stu says:

    Looks like Fiona? from Shrek.

  3. Dave says:

    Nicely done, as always. Where did you find the Duelist’s Fury power? It seems overpowered to me. +2 to-hit, and more damage on average than any other Rogue at-will (assuming no combat advantage). All that and it’s non-damage effect is like Tide of Iron but better.

    • greywulf says:


      Duelist’s Flurry comes from Dragon #381, and it’s in the Character Builder too. I agree – it is on the over-powered side as it does DEX modifier damage, slides the opponent, shifts the PC /and/ does guaranteed Sneak Attack damage, all at the same time – and it’s At-Will!

      It’s perfect for a klutz of destruction such as Molly, though I would look carefully at allowing it if it did become over-abused in-game.

  4. DarkTouch says:

    I’ve been contemplating a pathfinder drunken monk with a similar backstory though more of a bar room brawler type. I think with these sorts of characters you just need to watch out that you don’t totally piss off the other players.

  5. UHF says:

    Where does she keep the sling?

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