The problem with Risus

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  1. I agree. I’ve only ever played on game with Risus with my group but it was a blast. Halloween teen slasher flick. Everything’s so easy to do on the fly. The one minor niggle I have is the combat/opposed actions mechanic, but maybe that’s just me.

  2. DarkTouch says:

    I’ve never played Risus but I’m sure it is fun. I will say though that part of the fun of the RPG experience for me is the juggling of the numbers and I actually like how rules/game balance can influence the source material. Its not great for all game experiences certainly but I’ve found joy in that part of the game for the Mutants and Masterminds and Pathfinder games I’ve played in recently.

  3. Elton says:

    I’m running an RMFRP game and a D&D 4e game. So, I don’t have time to run RISUS. Besides, I’m having loads of fun with Rolemaster.

  4. Dr Rotwang! says:

    No, Greywulf. That is not a Good Problem To Have.

    That is an AWESOME Problem To Have.

  5. Risus Monkey says:

    I concur wholeheartedly… obviously. :)

  6. The Bane says:

    Well, give me a dump-truck load of this cake! It took me a while to wrap my head around Risus, to be honest. Not that I can’t grasp it, it’s only a few pages after all, but their are nuances there that an ingrained RPG mind might not immediately pick up on. Love it, once I did. The typical hurtle is “inappropriate cliches” and me wanting to do more “realistic” gaming with Risus. Once I had the “I get it” moment that “inappropriate cliches” meant, in my mind, applies to the task, not the setting! So, no Sushi Chief (3) in my Fantasy setting, but using Worldly Book Smart Scholar (3) can be used to attack a Goblin…

    Add in setting cliches, such as Dark Moss Covered Cavern (2), that a PC can take an action to “beat” and then gets a bonus to his Black Leather Clad Rogue (4) for the scene or next action, you get Double-Pumped Awesome Sauce (4)!!


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