Random Monster Monday

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  1. Neuroglyph says:

    Very cool scenario outline! Given the elemental forces at work, there are all manner of interesting terrain features you can use in encounters in this adventure: geysers of scalding water or boiling mud, quicksand, sinkholes, falling trees from tremblers, and even crazed animals fleeing elemental destruction. Think of how much fun you could have being swarmed by a pack of insane lemurs while avoiding a stunning kick from an outraged cenobite! Well it’s fun from the DM side of the screen anyways…

  2. Craig says:

    Ha, I’m glad to see I’m not the only person that thought the ‘zerai were far superior to the ‘yanks.

    The yanks were always boring and one dimensional the ‘zerai has some grit to them and were always a little more interesting.

    “basically Drow with a skin condition” is right on.

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