Create graphic novel style images with DAZ Studio and Fotosketcher

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  1. Marco says:

    For a color cartoon effect in Photoshop similar to the Persian Guard example you can use Filter/Artistic/Poster Edges with default settings, followed by a generous contrast increase and maybe some added brightness. Finally run Filter/Artistic/Cutout and drag the sliders to taste.

  2. Joltrast says:

    Thank you! I would never have know about Fotosketcher had I not come across this tutorial. I’ve never been that happy with photoshop’s “Poster Edges” filter. This tutorial gives me something closer to the look I wanted!

  1. November 12, 2010

    […] wish I could take full credit for this one, but the idea comes from Greywulf, who made a post on his blog last week explaining the basic idea. Greywulf’s blog has a lot of interesting stuff in it, […]

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