Building Kobold Hall in Minecraft, part four

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  1. Minecraft says:

    Hello Greywulf,
    Speaking of which, You could be healer types, warrior types, and magic types. I remember you got a spell that would cover a 3×3 area. Another area that had just been built before I quit playing was a watery/cave area with troglodytes. I think there was a part with a tower and rooms full of goblins or orcs. I think there was a PvP area/arena(?). Your new character would arrive on these docks and to the right would be town and to the left there was a little wooded area that led to a newbie castle with kobolds. There were several ‘town’ type areas. This was all a 2d little thing, many years ago, and it was not the best drawn, I mean, it was more about game play than anything. Also, I think the name of the game started with the letter ‘M’ or ‘L’. I dunno, I just suddenly started missing it and wanted to play like crazy but I don’t think I have any bookmarks from that far back saved anywhere.

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