Building Kobold Hall in Minecraft, day one

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  1. Rev. Lazaro says:

    I share your grief.

    I had a small fort, on the middle of an island on a frozen lake. I began digging for hours, and slowly started making my own wonderful dungeon tonight. And then I turned around and saw THAT UNGODLY HAPPY CUCUMBER FACE OF BOOM! Stupid me, I left a block for me to hop over the wall on the outside.

    Began working on a FORTRESS over my mine. Starting with a door.

  2. Rev. Lazaro says:

    Also, I’m down with reading Minecraft posts….but I’d understand if some peeps are sick of hearing about it.

    On another note….someone needs to get an RPGBN community server going.

    • greywulf says:

      Thanks, Rev.

      When (and if) I finish Kobold Hall, I’m planning to host the world up on a server for y’all to roam on it wild and free.

      Just watch out for Creepers :D

  3. I will be checking on this often…

    As for the RPGBN’s noisier elements…, I say don’t mind them… I sure gave up a long time ago. Heck, I haven’t visited that page in ages. :)

  4. deadorcs says:

    I played with the free version of minecraft a couple of months ago (no monsters, very basic stuff). However, with the add ons I’ve seen with the pay version of the game, I can see this as a model for 3d dungeon building. If the floor tiles automatically parse themselves out to 5 foot squares, this could be the tool that #ddi promised long ago. Gotta wonder if anyone on the WotC software team has taken a look at this?

  1. October 11, 2010

    […] the Creeper blew up my lovely mud hut on the first night (taking Me Number One with it), first order of business was replacing that with a stone […]

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